Published On: Sat, Nov 25th, 2023

Optical illusion is scarily ‘on point’ at showing if you are too judgemental of others

An “amazing” optical illusion claims to reveal your biggest strengths plus a fatal flaw depending on what you first see in the picture.

Mia Yilin, an optical illusion content creator has shared a gothic picture of what appears to show either a man’s face or a crow with stones and a thistle depending on how you look at it.

According to Mia, what you see first determines if you are a very charismatic but judgemental person or a very kind peron who tends to be their worst critic.

In Mia’s comment section, people have been shocked at how accurately Mia was able to read them. One comment said: “How are you always right? This is amazing.”

Another user wrote: “It’s actually scary how on point this was…it was really true for me.

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If you look at the picture and first see a crow, then you are a very social person who loves being around people. You a very easy to talk to and you are always warm to everyone you meet.

However, Mia has said that sometimes you can be very judgemental towards other people and it may be something you wish to try and change about yourself. Mia said: “Even though you recognise and dislike this personality trait of yours, you can’t help but formulate very heavy opinions about the people you interact with.

“But to be fair, you have a very strong intuition and a lot of the time your assumptions and suspicions end up being proven correct.”


If you glanced at the brainteaser and first saw a man’s face, then you tend to be a very quiet person. You are very kind-hearted and charitable, but can sometimes find it difficult to reach your goals in life as you can let negative thoughts cloud your judgement.

You tend to be your worst critic and may wish to try and be kinder to yourself accordion to Mia. She said: “You are a very self-critical person. In fact, you use that as a defence mechanism because you’re so scared of being rejected or disliked by others that you subconsciously want to beat them to the chase by being mean to yourself first.

“You have to stop letting these self-sabotaging thoughts prevent you from becoming the person you want to become. “

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